Who We Are

Beginning in 1987 with a single fishing boat our business has grown to be one of the most respected seafood enterprises in the industry. We have developed towering standards to ensure that every fish delivered is fresh and hearty.


"The New Industrial revolution of fishing is to make it sustainable”

About Us

PESCATLANTIC GROUP LLC is a company that produces, supplies, and commercializes premier quality Yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) and Bluefin tuna (thunnus maccoyii). With headquarters based in Miami-Florida. We are a global leader in the fishing industry, supplying the highest grade of fish daily to our customers all throughout North America.  

Here, we believe that maintaining a flat hierarchy and open doors will create a family oriented and long-lasting relationships in our organization. The optimization of available resources is the key for any organization that is serious about creating, building, and operating a successful long-term fishery business. With this in mind, Pescatlantic Group has developed impeccable standards to ensure that every fish delivered is fresh and of the highest quality. Our process begins by capturing the fish directly and ends when we gratifyingly deliver our goods to your doorstep.  By fishing, distributing, and trading these high seas and near-shore products, Pescatlantic Group has acheived a superior strategic position in the economy of seafood worldwide.

Since 2016 we have been investing in technology to make sustainability our main goal, looking the best alternatives to protect the species of the oceans.

By adhering consistently to all HACCP regulations and by using the latest technologies in our fishing and packing procedures, we guaranty that our tuna (Magoro) products are among the best in the world.

Providing some of the most desirable tuna, swordfish and Japanese yellowtail products in North America is not enough.  We believe that the key to our success and continuous expansion is developing direct honest relationships with our clients.  From the first conversation to the latest delivery, we believe that our clients’ satisfaction always comes first. In the seafood trade and fishery services, you can be sure PESCATLANTIC GROUP will be there to stand by you as your most reliable partner in the industry.


Beginning in 1987 with a single fishing boat our business has grown to be one of the most respected seafood enterprises in the industry. For more than two decades PESCATLANTIC GROUP, LLC. has been processing a wide range of the highest quality seafood products around the world.  Through the advancement of our expertise over the years we have seamlessly streamlined a process that focuses on world class consumer service, superior standards, and efficiency.

Through hard work and dedication a venture that began as a modest South American fishing business has become a world class fishing enterprise. Constantly in search of the most qualified leaders in the field, we employ dynamic individuals to oversee that our clients are receiving only top quality product.  

We are proactive about educating and training our employees constantly affirming that our processes and equipment are state of the art.

The PESCATLANTIC GROUP family spans generations and thrives as each and every one of us has a deep connection to the ocean and a passion for the fish that inhabit it.  We are dedicated to creating optimal working practices and take every opportunity to improve each point of the supply chain from the fishing vessel to the end consumer.

PESCATLANTIC GROUP LLC is always looking for opportunities to establish new relationships while we endeavor to reinforce our ties with our loyal client base. In this way, we desire to cultivate corporate growth and facilitate a promising future for decades to come.



Cesar Jacobo Calvo Lopez-Peñalver is the CEO and majority shareholder of Pescatlantic Group, a global leader in the tuna industry trade. He also serves as board member of Vonoil Energy Group, Seas Consulting Business, Db+ Co Group, and O.P. Mar Atlantic.

Born on October 22nd, 1981 in Cumana, Venezuela. Cesar is the first child of Santiago Antonio Calvo Barrero and Agustina Lopez-Peñalver and his grandparents migrated from Spain to Venezuela due to the economic crisis during World War II. In 2007, he graduated from the Warrington College of Business obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance and Entrepreneurship. The following year Cesar landed his first job at Wall Street, which he considers one of the most pivotal achievements in his career as it provided valuable learnings for him in finance and world relations with consumers.

The Calvo family has always been involved in the distribution and commercialization of seafood. Initially the family business was dedicated to the shrimp and tuna fishery during its first years. And Cesar’s, late father Santiago’s vision was very clear. With his father being a master of commercialization and production techniques of fish; and his grandfather an honorable man for his impressive ethics and integrity. Cesar was destined to tie these values into the foundation of his business.

Despite his strong lineage, Cesar’s ambitions exceeded his family’s expectations. His ambition drove him to officially incorporate himself in the family business of sashimi grade trade with learned knowledge from both family and educational institutions.

Despite his young age, in 2009, Cesar began Pescatlantic Group where he positioned the company as a worldwide leader in tuna grade trade and the American market.

He perceived a need from fishermen and final consumers: a lack of credibility among both parts which became the core drive amongst Pescatlantic group. He believes it is important that both parties involved in every exchange are satisfied. Thus, Cesar’s goal as a businessman had been to become the mediator that guarantees both producers and consumers full satisfaction.

Currently, the headquarters of the companies directed by Cesar Calvo along his partners and agents worldwide are located in Miami, Florida with offices in the Caribbean region. The sea is one of Cesar’s passions. He defines fishing as an indescribable art. As an avid reader fascinated by the human mind, Calvo enjoys history, politics, and motivational books. His life motto is: “find what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, an advice an admired person once gave to him. Therefore, he describes himself as an enthusiast and infuses the passion of family, integrity, and hard work into all that he does.

Pescatlantic remains with a unique vision; the company believes in maintaining a flat hierarchy and open doors to create family feelings and lasting relationships. About its future, Calvo’s goal for his business is to continue being a leader in the fishing industry while protecting sea animals and their habitat at all costs.

“One must be on the crest of the wave; to get there one must read very well its waters”. – Santiago Calvo Barrero.