Sea Bream

Our Top Quality Species


 Is common in the Mediterranean Sea and present along the Eastern Atlantic coasts from Great Britain to Senegal. Also found but rare in the Black Sea, this fish has a succulent, white flesh that is ideal for grilling, baking, braising, and frying either whole or as fillets. Although viewed as an exotic fish in some parts of the world, it is a prized dish that is regularly served in many culinary establishments around the world. Considered one of the best-tasting breams the Sparus aurata is primarily plant-fed and raised on shellfish.


  • Global G.A.P Certified
  • Farmed Raised
  • Whole Round
  • High Quality
  • Rich Flavor
  • Meaty Texture


Sea bream are a group of medium sized fishes found in oceans all over the world and are very popular for eating, especially in Europe. Raised in an eco-friendly environment and free of chemicals, this species is considered one of the best white meat fish. Sea bream are highly sought because of their mildness and firmness.