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In 2014 PescAtlantic Group liquid all the access involve in the seiner fishing business, because we understood our future is to protect the species and the planet


As the most powerful line of commercialization for fish species to the US Market, longline fishing is a commercial fishing technique that is considered to be more ecologically sustainable than many other methods. This strategy utilizes a long fishing line called the main line, equipped with baited hooks called “snoods”. Numerous hooks can hang from a single line to make the process more efficient and effective. Long line fishing methods are most commonly used to capture fish such as swordfish, tuna, halibut, and many other species.

Longlines can be set to hang near the surface (pelagic longline) to capture fish that live along the sea floor (demersal longline) and to capture groundfish such as halibut.

Long-lining has become a smarter way to fish and holds several advantages over processes such as trawling to yield better fish quality and environmental impact.


Ranching is one of the most eco-friendly process used to capture Bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) and various juvenile species. Primarily, carnivorous top predators are captured through sustainable ranching techniques and harvested to maturity for high quality consumption.  Highly profitable species of fish such as Bluefin are caught in massive quantities and fattened for marketability, but at Pescatlantic Group we have prided ourselves on generations of innovation through carefully harvesting Bluefin. By utilizing our sustainability practices in ranching we provide organic resolutions to fishing and feeding Bluefin to prepare for worldwide exportation at the highest grade and to make globally successful conditions possible. In the next decade, the majority of all of the fish we consume on our planet will be farm-raised as opposed to wild caught thus being the reason 

Pescatlantic Group prides ourselves on harvesting all of our ranched species with detail and continuously green practices. Our goal is to secure and keep sustainable Bluefin at its highest quality while remaining affordable extensively.


Pescatlantic has sold its access of this technics to dedicate itself to fishing technics that protect the species of our oceans. Seine fishing uses a large fishing net that extends vertically into the water by attaching weights at the bottom of the net and floats along the top surface. Seiner boats are heavily equipped for seine fishing and drive in a circular motion through waters to capture species in a certain radius. At Pescatlantic Group the focus is to ensure that our oceans and environments are being respected alongside the use viable fishing practices that do not destroy the quality of both consumed fish and global waters.

There are many great advantages to using sustainability to protect our environment, which is why our techniques have gone from traditional Seine fishing to more innovative and resourcefully reliable practices.

Through utilizing the right processes and equipment in our approach we can not only help to minimize its impact on our environment but to secure fish without over-exploitation and the ultimate  depletion of our species.