Our Top Quality Species


This is an important commercial fish, as well as a popular game species, in Europe and North America. It has been an important basis for many coastal communities where it is highly appreciated because of the high quality meat and commercial value. Japan is the largest producer of greater amberjack (called Kanpachi) where its production has increased quickly in the last decades. This large fish is slender and agile, and can grow to be more than 6 feet long. Its is mostly a silvery white color, with a darker gray or bluish coloring from above. As opportunistic predators, greater amberjacks feed on benthic and pelagic fishes as well as squid and crustaceans. Due to the popularity of this fish, it has recently received some attention in the aquaculture industry.


  • Global G.A.P Certified
  • Farmed Raised
  • Whole Round
  • High Quality
  • Rich Flavor
  • Firm Texture


Seriola dumerili is a premier member of the Greater Amberjack family and is prized by Japanese itamaes and top chefs everywhere. The species is marked by a dark blue-green upper body with a lavender-tinted belly and elongated fins. This blue ocean fish is fed on a certified source of sustainable fish meal and fish oil with no GMOs. Raised without antibiotics it is ensured that this species is not subject to selective breeding or genetic modification whatsoever.