Our Top Quality Species


  • Global G.A.P Certified
  • Farmed-raised
  • Whole Round
  • Iconic and celebrated Tai in Japanese cuisine
  • High Quality


Did you know, the Madai Snapper is not considered a snapper but a sea bream fish derived from the Sparidae family? With its robust flavors the Maidai fish are known as the “True Sea Bream”. Fished in Japanese and regional Pacific waters the demand for Madai remains high. The demand for this particular fish has rapidly eclipsed wild harvest, and its export to the US is modest when compared to national consumption. All of our Madai fish is caught through the aqua culture method, thus meaning waters are fostered to remain pure and naturally inhabited. Pagrus major have been subjected to stock enhancement programs in Taiwan and Japan and it is our goal to keep this species of fish as savory and pure as possible. With a strong and historic popularity, aquaculture has made Pagrus major more readily available to luxury consumers without the risk of overfishing and extinction.